Senior Care Services That Unites Resident Care Teams

Senior Care Management Solution

Simply Connect eliminates wasted staff time spent hunting for information by unifying patient health records and sending automatic updates and alerts to the entire care team when a patient’s medication changes, if they are hospitalized, if they experience major behavioral changes and more. With our senior care management solution, your staff can focus on providing the best care possible, not making calls and receiving faxes.

Medication. Managed. services ensure your patients are receiving the right mix of medications at the right time to reduce fall risks and improve outcomes. Within Medication. Managed., we leverage pharmacogenomics testing to identify hidden genetic factors that affect medication efficacy and make recommendations to optimize resident medications. Our pill-dispensing technology enables residents to take a more active role in their medication management by tracking adherence, sending alerts for missed medications and giving autonomy back to the resident.

Each of your residents receives a complementary Personal Health Record (PHR) that gives them access to their health information and provides them the ability to add members who can view it (such as natural care support and care givers) and control what they have access to.

With the Simply Connect app, you can:

  • Communicate clearly and easily with the entire patient care team, including friends and family, using the PHR
  • Send and respond to customized alerts and events quickly
  • Track medication changes, respond to recommendations and monitor adherence
  • Provide access to services like non-emergency medical transportation and more

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