Care Management Software That Changes Patient’s Lives

Gain More Visibility With Fewer Burdens

Simply Connect’s comprehensive care management solution helps providers coordinate care services and gain visibility into patient outcomes, without placing additional burdens on clinical and administrative staff.

Our solution gives you access to each patient’s medical and behavioral information so in one place, you have the information from all providers. It also enables a patient’s natural supports to document observations which provide more insight into a patient’s health. With this holistic view, providers are empowered to make proactive care decisions for patients and keep them in the most independent care setting possible, for as long as possible.

With Simply Connect’s solution, providers can:

  • Streamline case management and improve communication with alerts, reminders and events that pull information straight from EHRs into a patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Share automatic updates about patient health with natural support providers via the PHR
  • Communicate instantly with other patient providers using secure direct messaging
  • Set appointments for patients, request referrals and schedule transportation all from within the app
  • Provide access to services like medication therapy, genomics testing, non-emergency medical transportation and more

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