Comprehensive Care Management Solution for Value-Based Healthcare

Data-Driven Technology, Patient-Centric Care Management Services

Simply Connect gives payors a deep level of visibility into patient outcomes, population data and cost savings by facilitating real-time communication, data-sharing and care management across all layers of the healthcare system.

Our solution directly supports value-based healthcare by providing each patient a Personal Health Record (PHR) that is designed to reduce barriers to healthcare access. The PHR unifies patient health information in one easy-to-use application that enables patients, their support system, providers and payors alike to see and request changes to the care plan, respond to alerts and request services that make it easier for patients to received individualized care and better outcomes.

Simply Connect provides a deep understanding of outcomes, not only on an individual level but on a patient population level. By building our platform on data-driven technology, payors can track which services and interventions lead to cost savings and positive health outcomes for the patients they cover.

How Simply Connect Works:

  • For MCOs: Facilitate value-based healthcare using technology and services to ensure providers are working together efficiently and effectively to help patients get healthy.
  • For ACOs: Gives patients access to a wider range of services that improve their overall health, reduce costs and minimize rehospitalizations.