Your Personal Health Records At Your Fingertips

Care Management That Makes It Easier to Stay Healthy

Simply Connect gives you control of your health from your smart phone. The mobile app allows you to gain visibility into your health records with an easy-to-use, straightforward Personal Health Record (PHR) that stays with you, no matter where you receive care.

The app allows you and your care team to choose providers, request referrals, schedule TeleHealth services, arrange non-emergency medical transport and customize alerts for your care team. Your direct care team—friends, family, neighbors, non-clinical facility staff, etc.—can record their observations and report significant events to your doctor to help get you the care you need, all from the app.

With the Simply Connect app, you can:

  • Access all your medical information in a secure, easy-to-use Personal Health Record
  • Add providers, friends, family and others to your virtual care team
  • Choose what information each member of your care team can see
  • Make appointments, choose new providers and get rides to your doctor

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