Care Management Solution to Facilitate Value-based Healthcare

Deliver High Quality Care At A Lower Cost

Simply Connect helps MCOs facilitate value-based healthcare that delivers high quality care at a lower cost, by ensuring that providers are working together efficiently and effectively to help patients get healthy.

Our solution reduces costs by streamlining care management with an easy-to-use Personal Health Record (PHR) that unifies information from disparate patient electronic health records (EHRs) and gives patients and their care teams a direct line of communication to discuss behavioral or medical changes, referrals, new medications, care plan updates and more.

With Simply Connect’s solution, MCOs can:

  • Build scalable networks of providers that can get patients the care they need, when they need it
  • Provide a channel for non-clinical patient supports to share observations with the patient care team to drive upstream interventions
  • Gain visibility into patient population health data and trends, quality of care and outcomes to optimize utilization and facilitate comprehensive reporting
  • Provide medication therapy and genomics testing that optimizes medication regimens for each patient to keep the patient healthy longer

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