A Care Management Solution That Builds Trusted Partnerships

Improve Patient Outcomes, Streamline Care Management

Simply Connect helps community-based organizations streamline care management, provide vital services to vulnerable populations and sustain their mission-driven work in changing environments.

Our solution creates a trusted partnership with the organizations within the Simply Connect network, facilitating strategic planning and addressing the unique pain points faced by each community-based organization.

Our Medication. Managed. services ensure organizations are able to provide a person-centric approach to prescribing and managing medications. Each individual can receive a complementary Personal Health Record (PHR), which allows organization staff, individuals and natural supports to instantly access health and behavioral data from all electronic health records. The PHR also sends real-time updates about medications, hospitalizations, appointments and more to the individual’s entire care team, making sure your staff can prioritize activities and communications appropriately.

With Simply Connect’s solution, community-based organizations can:

  • Improve workflows and reduce administrative burden with real-time automated alerts that let staff know when individuals are hospitalized, miss/attend an appointment, etc.
  • Track and compile data about outcomes and cost savings for reporting, reimbursement and development initiatives
  • Share automatic updates about individual health with natural support providers via the PHR
  • Provide access to services like appointment setting, medication therapy, genomics testing, non-emergency medical transportation and more

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