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Simply Connect pulls information from all the different healthcare providers and streamlines it into a secure, HIPAA-compliant Personal Health Record (PHR). The PHR is accessible to patients via a mobile app, so you can access it no matter where you are. It’s possible for Simply Connect to do this because of our technology platform that connects to the different electronic systems used by hospitals, doctors, assisted living communities, etc. and helps them talk to each other. Our care management solution also connects you to services that help you get the care you need, like rides to the doctor’s office or a virtual consultation with your provider via smartphone.

Your PHR builds a complete picture of your health and enables providers to support you even better by having a clear understanding off all aspects of your health and care. Your PHR stays with you wherever you go, and can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer whenever you need it. Instead of juggling paper records from every doctor you see, all of your health information is grouped together in one view from the Simply Connect app and when you go to a new provider, you can easily share it with them.

You get to decide who can see the information in your PHR. Simply Connect knows that your friends, family, neighbors, home health caregiver, and other non-clinical supports play an important role in your health. Adding these individuals to your virtual care team and giving them customized access to your PHR and alerts can help you stay healthy and make better care decisions. For example, if you want your support system to get alerts about upcoming doctor appointments or hospitalizations without seeing information about your mental health history, Simply Connect makes that possible.

Personal health information is protected by state-of-the-art systems employing many security measures—including administrative, physical and technical safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized access, destruction, inappropriate use, modification or disclosure. All systems, including provider EHRs and the Simply Connect network, must comply with the security provisions of HIPAA. For added assurance, the Simply Connect system is subject to regular security audits.

Health care providers who request access to your personal health information through Simply Connect must affirm that they have a proper treatment relationship with you before being granted access. The system will not make your information available until the provider affirms they have legally permissible authorization to view your information. A record is created and logged in the system every time a provider accesses your health record.

Yes. If your health care provider is participating in Simply Connect, they are required to notify you of their participation. At that time, or anytime thereafter in some states, you have the choice to "opt out" of having your information shared through the Simply Connect platform. Although your information will not be searchable if you opt out, your health care provider may still use the Simply Connect network to issue electronic orders for lab tests, prescriptions and other directed health care services. They may also receive lab results, x-rays and other information that is sent directly to them electronically. This service is no different than your provider using the mail or a fax machine to receive this information.