Making a Difference in the Lives of People and Providers

Access Electronic Health Records With Ease

Simply Connect is a comprehensive care management solution that combines technology and services to optimize an individual’s health and keep them in the most independent setting possible.

Our Technology

Simply Connect’s commitment to secure, innovative and intuitive technology means people in need can access important personal information easily and on-the-go, from an app that doesn’t take a medical degree to understand.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

The Simply Connect Personal Health Record (PHR) is an application that can be accessed from a smartphone or computer anywhere at any time, and compiles all of a person’s health information and medical records into one place.

The PHR enables individuals, their natural supports and providers to:

  • Access physician orders, complete problem list, vitals, lab results, dispensed medications and insurance records
  • Add people to a virtual care team with defined roles and customized access to information
  • Find doctors, request referrals and facilitate care continuation via the app
  • Communicate quickly and directly with providers and individual care teams via secure direct messaging and tailored role-based alerts
Our "Medication. Managed." Services

Getting healthy doesn’t stop at getting a prescription or taking a pill. “Medication. Managed.” is a holistic approach to the role medications play in health outcomes, and reduce barriers to education, improve access to providers and transportation and a give a deeper understanding of how a person’s medications interact with their body, mind and environment.

Medication Therapy

Medication therapy services increase adherence and reduce rehospitalization and emergency department utilization, yet 88.6% of eligible patients go without access to these services.

Medication therapy practitioners work with the care team to:

  • Establish a comprehensive medication care plan to ensure the individual’s regimen best addresses their needs
  • Provide ongoing education about each medication to drive adherence and give autonomy back to individuals
Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Simply Connect has non-emergency medical transportation services that can be scheduled from within the app, and gives patients, caregivers and providers the ability to track that the patient made it to the appointment.

Non-emergency medical transportation service helps care teams:

  • Easily schedule accessible, licensed and bonded rides from an individual’s profile
  • Confirm that individuals have arrived and departed from safe locations
  • Use geo-location to track rides
  • Automatically bill for reimbursement
Genetic Testing

Eligible individuals can receive pharmacogenomics testing that helps providers make informed medication decisions based on a person’s genetic profile and their ability to metabolize a drug.

With a simple saliva-based test, pharmacogenomic testing can help care teams:

  • Gain insight into genetic factors that affect medication efficacy
  • Make proactive choices about medication regimens by checking new prescriptions against genetic profile for compatibility and efficacy
  • Keep people healthy and as independent as possible longer
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

A PERS device provides individuals with a remote mobile health solution that connects live personal health data with support networks to improve health and wellness outcomes.

A PERS device helps individuals:

  • Maintain independence while staying connected to support networks
  • Provide peace of mind with the ability to easily communicate with loved ones and care givers where ever they are
  • Take more control of their own health with dashboards so they can monitor health status and trends over time
Pill-Dispensing Technology

More than half of people taking medications don’t take them properly or on time and ensuring medication adherence can be a huge barrier for keeping patients in their homes for as long as possible.

Pill-dispensing technology enables individuals and care teams to:

  • Program the pillbox to dispense medications at specific times
  • Monitor how individuals are doing with keeping up on medication through the app
  • Receive alerts for missed medications

Finding a provider who is covered by a person’s insurance or other healthcare coverage is time consuming and many people give up before finding the right doctor for them.

In Marketplace, individuals and their care team can:

  • Browse lists of available in-network care providers
  • Request appointments and make referrals
  • See at-a-glance the wider provider network that is available to provide care