Introducing the Simply Connect App

The App that gives Power to the Care Team

Simply Connect is introducing senior care’s multidimensional care app. This app revolutionizes the way professionals on a care team communicate. Too often, care teams work in silos, unable to share patient information across the continuum of care. When providers don’t communicate, patient care suffers.

Since 2013, Simply Connect has engaged with care and service providers to identify patterns in care gaps, care management challenges, crisis management pitfalls, and obstructions to care communication.

Simply Connect has created an application that centers the care team around the patient, creating efficient and secure ways to exchange data and coordinate care without the phone or fax machine. With deep ties to home and community-based organizations and senior service providers, Simply Connect has created a solution aimed to support groups who grapple with managing transitions of care, mental and chronic health conditions, complicated medication regimens, in proactive and meaningful ways.

Craig Patnode, Simply Connect CEO, states that “the power of the care team is maximized through the Simply Connect App by allowing the core care team to seamlessly exchange real time information through actionable alerts that will enhance the care of the patient.”

Simply Connect can help improve the quality of life and the overall issue to help make it easier for everyone. When using Simply Connect you can easily:

Automate event notification to the care team for incidents, changes in well-being to trigger care team action

Communicate via secure text and video messaging to keep everyone informed and connected

Access aggregated medical information in a secure, easy-to-use Personal Health Record (PHR) app.

Make appointments, choose new providers and schedule rides to appointments

Add providers, friends, family, and others to the virtual care team.

Simply Connect is a comprehensive care management platform that combines a robust cloud-based Personal Health Record (PHR) and mobile app to enable the safe, efficient sharing of patient health information with the patient and all members of the patient care team.

The Simply Connect care management platform, supported by our patient opt in/out platform, integrates seamlessly with provider networks to facilitate improved care coordination through the use of actionable alerts and secure messaging. Care coordination is essential to optimizing patient health and quality of life, empowering patients to live more independently while reducing the overall cost of care. Additional services available through the Simply Connect care management platform include medication therapy management, pharmacogentic testing, telehealth, and nonemergency medical transportation scheduling.