About Us

Our Mission and History

Simply Connect’s mission is to provide a comprehensive care management solution to patients utilizing community-based service providers to make a large-scale positive impact that optimizes their quality of life and improves outcomes.

Since its inception in 2013, Simply Connect has engaged with care and service providers across the country to identify patterns in care gaps, care management challenges, crisis management pitfalls and obstructions to care team communication. The platform, built on a Certified Health Information Exchange (HIE), facilitates timely and efficient care management through the sharing of medical data and coordinating care services between providers in post-acute and community-based settings.

Simply Connect supports a diverse care network including; hospital systems, Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, labs, pharmacies, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Behavioral Health Supports, Home Care, community-based physician groups and other community-based social service organizations.

To ensure that patients were the central focus of these network connections, we developed the Personal Health Record (PHR), a mobile-friendly app that collects information from a patient’s disparate electronic health records and unifies it in one portable, secure place that patients can take with them wherever they receive care.